Example project

The source tree contains an example Django project using django-sticky-uploads in the examples directory. It’s a quick way to try out django-sticky-uploads.

  • Clone the repository locally and change directories into the source tree:

    $ git clone https://github.com/caktus/django-sticky-uploads
    $ cd django-sticky-uploads
  • Create a virtualenv:

    $ mkvirtualenv sticky-example
  • Install django-sticky-uploads and django:

    $ add2virtualenv .
    $ pip install Django
  • Change into the ‘example’ directory:

    $ cd example
  • Run migrations:

    $ python manage.py migrate
  • Create a user:

    $ python manage.py createsuperuser
  • Run the server:

    $ python manage.py runserver
  • Visit in a browser.

  • Login

  • Experiment with the file upload form

  • Use the admin at to see the files uploaded in the background, and look for them in the media/uploads directory.